Hello, friends!!! My name is Katrina, and I’m a LOVER of life! And goats. And leftovers (for real, if you need leftovers to be eaten up, I hereby accept your invitation into your home).

I promise all of you that one day (within the next 5 years) I will own at least 3 pygmy goats. But honestly, 3 feels like too few.. if two are a little cliquey, one will be left out. So this might be upped to 5. Anyway…

I am passionately goofy and silly, and I fully believe in honoring the child that lives in me for the rest of my life. This means making jokes, talking in weird accents, scaring people every opportunity I get, and fort-building.

I am a lover of self-development and chasing after more – more love, more happiness, more success, more generosity, MORE.

It was apparent since my toddler years that anxiety and depression would be something I struggle with. I moved all the time, struggled to feel like I belonged or fit in anywhere, and struggled with any set of eyes being on me. I was crippled with self-doubt and a lack of self love.

Today I’m a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and soon-to-be Certified Nutrition Coach, helping others find confidence in how their bodies move, feel, and function, as well as how they think about themselves and their lives.

And I, made up of all these things and more, welcome you to my diary. 

I’ve named this blog Calling Katrina as a tribute to all I am called to be: confident, loving, hopeful, unafraid. This is a home for the hopes and works God put in my heart. 

The “Calling Katrina” blog is my footsteps in faith, purpose, belonging, and impact.

My biggest goal is to authentically and genuinely encourage you to live and love life, take care of yourself, nourish the child within you, and help you unapologetically be who God made you to be.

Let’s have fun, challenge our ways of thinking, and love others! And do a weird jig on the way!

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