Winter Blues

It’s been a hot minute since I posted last (“a hot minute” meaning two months!), and while I’ve been sitting on a draft of this post for longer than that, I haven’t published it until now. Maybe because I was in the thick of these emotions and thoughts and needed more time to process them,Continue reading “Winter Blues”

Sincerity – Lost In This Online Era

We live in a unique time. The internet has become the center of everything, from business & commerce to communication & relationships. We essentially live online – Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, Pinterest, gossip and personal blogs, and the list could go on (and on and on and on). Social media platforms have become so common thatContinue reading “Sincerity – Lost In This Online Era”

Goal-Setting for 2020!

2020 is here, y’all!!! There’s such an awesome energy and excitement for what feels like a bit of a fresh start! 2020 in particular feels bigger – it’s a whole new decade of happiness, good living, soul-enamoring gratitude, and opportunity! Guys, some of the most incredible moments of our lives haven’t even happened yet! DoesContinue reading “Goal-Setting for 2020!”

Taking Control of Your Mind

Have you ever woken up, and within the first few seconds of consciousness, been bombarded with hundreds of thoughts at once? From the moment you open your eyes and look at the clock, you calculate how many minutes you have to get ready before you head out the door. You mentally review your schedule forContinue reading “Taking Control of Your Mind”

Worthlessness, I Don’t Want to Forget You

There’s something I never want to forget. The more I reflect on my journey to happiness, my blog, and the impact I want to have on people whose paths cross mine, the more I hear the words in my head, “Don’t forget where you came from; don’t forget who you once were.” I feel tuggingContinue reading “Worthlessness, I Don’t Want to Forget You”

Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

The day before yesterday was Thanksgiving, and while I initially planned on publishing this post then, I decided to spend Thanksgiving Day living fully in the moment and reflecting on everything I’m thankful for! In line with my morning journaling (check out “My Early Morning Routine” post from earlier this month!), I believe there isContinue reading “Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving”

Gratitude for Living the Life We Do

I have a question for you: Do you ever think about how blessed/lucky we are to live the way we do? Earlier this Fall, I drove past an older woman kneeling down in her yard pulling weeds from her flower beds. I looked up at the sky and thought about what a perfect day itContinue reading “Gratitude for Living the Life We Do”

We’re All A Work in Progress

“Stop beating yourself up. You are a work in progress – which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once.” I saw this and knew instantly I wanted to write about it. This is something I’ve struggled with a ton, and I know so many others do too! I’m 27Continue reading “We’re All A Work in Progress”

My Early Morning Routine

I have a new morning routine, and it is AMAZING!  No, stop. Stop right there. It’s actually incredible. I really mean these adjectives… so much.  Anyone who knows me well knows two things about me: I love sleep, and I love food. For the point of this post, we’re going to focus on the former. (Dangit,Continue reading “My Early Morning Routine”

I Can’t Be the Only One Afraid of This

I’m terrified, genuinely terrified, to live an average life. I have wonderful, big, extraordinary dreams, and some days I get so frustrated that I don’t know each and every step it takes to get there, that I want to give up. In these moments, I believe that I’m crazy and unrealistic. What makes me capableContinue reading “I Can’t Be the Only One Afraid of This”