Not Many People Know This About Me

I’ve been thinking a lot about how most people don’t really know me.

It’s so easy to assume people know what I think, what I believe, and what my intentions are because, well, I spend so much time in my head; I easily forget it’s not common knowledge!

As I seek to inspire and encourage people to own who they are, believe in their dreams, and fight the good fight every day, I want people to know how much I truly mean what I say.

It is my absolute top priority to be authentic and write from a place of experience and truth; I don’t just want to share “pretty words” or “content fluff.”

My desire to share who I am, my thoughts, and impact others comes from this: My greatest hobby, the thing I spend the most time on outside of work and being a mommy, is self-development. I am absolutely and whole-heartedly obsessed with growing as a human being! 

I read EVERY DAY about self-love, empowerment, confidence, business and entrepreneurship, spiritual growth and faith, the power of manifestation and positive thinking, and how to live life with a joy and peace that, for many, feels like a pipe dream.

I listen to several podcasts and interviews from some of the greatest minds and powerhouses in the self-development and coaching sphere every week. Let me tell you, NOTHING fires my soul up more than learning how to love myself more, love others more, love God more, and love life more. Absolutely nothing.

Because here’s the thing: our whole human experience is based on our perceptions.
Seems obvious, right?

But really think about that for a second. Your entire life on this earth is based solely on your PERCEPTION of your experiences. Your life is shaped by your thoughts about your job, your views of your relationships, your memories of what you’ve experienced, and so on. It is not based on an unbiased, objective reality – it is based on what you THINK of what you’ve experienced.

In other words, it is not what happens to you in life, it is what you think about what happens to you in life.

When I truly learned that, I realized that there is nothing more important or powerful than my state of mind. I want to view everything that happens to me in life through rose-colored glasses.

So, I work on cognizance.
I focus on self-awareness.
I prioritize self-reflection.
I challenge my beliefs, societal norms, and assumptions as much as I can.

My happiness, my anger, my fear, my struggles are controlled entirely by my mind.

I spent so much of my life suffering, drowning, waking up every day with a heavy heart – I felt tortured by life every single day. But I had the answer within me all along – the world didn’t have to change, I did.

I have to share this new way of life with the world, even if just one person reads this. If it helps that one person set out on the path of self-discovery and growth that leads them to happiness, I will thank God for putting blogging on my heart.

SO, if anyone wants to know who I am or what I stand for, this is it. My passion, my energy, and my heart are fueled by my desire to seek the best human experience possible.

Expand your mind and you will expand your life. Join along on my journey. 🙂

Published by Calling Katrina

Katrina, here! *waves effervescently** I fight every day to love life! I'm a HUGE advocate of self-love, fulfillment, positivity, and chasing dreams. I am a lover of writing, reading, self-reflection, and encouraging others to choose Life and Love over pain and suffering. Join me, y’all, in my vulnerability, and let yourself and your default ways of thinking be challenged!!

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