Christmas 2019 and Trusting His Truth

How is it that Christmas has already come and gone?! Christmas was yesterday, and it was such a beautiful day! Both literally and figuratively. Like, it was actually 55 degrees outside in WISCONSIN (insert “shocked but thankful but kind of worried about global warming and altered seasons” emoji here).

It’s been a whirlwind of a holiday season, and although it’s not over yet, my heart is so full! But, if I’m being totally honest, I wish I was better at soaking in huge moments like this. I know how magical Christmas is, both as a Christian and as a momma, but I still seemed to get distracted by other things that didn’t really matter. My mind kept returning to the cleaning that needed to be done, the last-minute wrapping of friends’ and family members’ gifts, the dishes, laundry, the vacuuming of the pine needles and small rips of wrapping paper on the floor, the preparation to return to work the next day, and so on. So, to refocus and realign myself, I turned to writing this blog post!

Although so much fun has come from anticipating Santa’s arrival, finding our prankster elf, Collie, seeing the bright, twinkly lights of our real Christmas tree, and opening up our most-wanted Christmas gifts, I needed to remember that Christmas is celebrated because of the greatest, most merciful gift that could have ever been given: Jesus.

Yesterday, I prayed: God, I am more thankful that I can even feel right now. I’m sorry that my emotions don’t always reflect what I know to be true. I know I am blessed. I know I am protected. I know I am bigger than my to-do lists, than my worries, than this life. I know that You give me this day and the freedom to choose what I focus on. I know that I live the life I do – protected, loved, in fellowship with You – because of Your eternal gift of Jesus. This day is so clearly about You, our Savior, and Your will, and even knowing all of that, I am feeling more anchored to my physical life than I am my life in the Spirit. God, I ask that you remind who I am in You. I ask that the Holy Spirit rise up within me to connect me to You and Your righteousness. Lord, place Your hand over my heart to steady its pace and armor it with Your truth.

My day was perfect in so many ways, and yet my mind struggled to feel what I knew to be true.

I provide no magic, quick-fix to this problem in this post, and I refuse to lie and say that after I prayed, I received a miraculous emotional overhaul and peace. I didn’t. What did happen, though, is that I accepted that my very human feelings and emotions can’t always inform my thoughts or my outlook on life; sometimes what I feel doesn’t make sense and isn’t based on reality or truth. That’s one messy part of being a human in a broken world.

While I wish I could have been more focused on God and present in the moment than I was yesterday, I want to share some of the magic and love that made this Christmas so special! Take a peak at the pictures below and share in the joy! Happy Holidays!!

My sweet daughter, Natalie, with all of her gifts! That smile shows nothing but pure excitement!!!
Grandma and Papa in Hawaii sent her so many awesome Discovery and National Geographic gifts! Science exploration and building is definitely a mom-approved gift theme!!
After two years of having a cracked tablet that she used all.the.time….
She got a new one in blue!
She’s been wanting an Echo Dot (an Alexa) for so long – Santa delivered! Yay for jamming Justin Bieber and listening to whatever music she wants in the shower!
Okay, this one is from me. The book? It’s “I Need a New Butt” by Dawn McMillan. It is literally about a kid discovering he has a crack in his butt and therefore needs a new one. Haha! So cute!
Natalie was gifted Heelys (yes, these still exist) by Grandpa Dwayne and Grandma Christine!
Natalie was surprised to see her Uncle at Grandpa and Grandma’s, and it made her Christmas even more special! He used to have Heelys so he spent time teaching her how to skate in them!
Momma was treated to some gifts too, like this unbelievably soft pajama set! Hallelujah for matching PJs… normally I just wear some old sweatpants and a ripped T-shirt! #unashamed

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