I Just Took a DNA Test – Turns Out I Don’t Have Time

Do you know what I realized? I don’t have time to dislike my body or myself. Like none… at all. When I hate who I am and how I look, it consumes my mind, my energy, and my time.

I look at pictures over and over and end up not posting them on social media because I don’t like how I look.

I look in the mirror and think of everything that I don’t like. I obsess over clothes and outfits so much because I’m harder on myself and want to hide what I see as my flaws and imperfections. 

I think about how I look or how I’m perceived when I meet new people, when I go to the beach, when I’m with my friends, and more.

But do you know what? I don’t have any more time to spend on disliking or worrying about how I look or who I am. I don’t have the mental space for such negativity and toxicity. As a busy single mom, I have so much going on. And I can’t afford to waste my mind’s potential or my days worrying about something so trivial.

I can spend my time and mental energy on so many more worthwhile things:

  • Reading more
  • Being present with my daughter
  • Planning for our futures
  • Praying and meditating
  • Writing down my goals and journaling
  • Organizing my home so I can function better and be less overwhelmed with clutter
  • The list goes on!

How I look doesn’t matter. How I’m perceived doesn’t matter. How I FEEL mentally and physically matters.

Let me tell you – you don’t have time to hate yourself. The hours in the day are limited and your time is valuable. Treat it like such, friends!

Published by Calling Katrina

Katrina, here! *waves effervescently** I fight every day to love life! I'm a HUGE advocate of self-love, fulfillment, positivity, and chasing dreams. I am a lover of writing, reading, self-reflection, and encouraging others to choose Life and Love over pain and suffering. Join me, y’all, in my vulnerability, and let yourself and your default ways of thinking be challenged!!

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