I Just Took a DNA Test – Turns Out I Don’t Have Time

Do you know what I realized? I don’t have time to dislike my body or myself. Like none… at all. When I hate who I am and how I look, it consumes my mind, my energy, and my time. I look at pictures over and over and end up not posting them on social mediaContinue reading “I Just Took a DNA Test – Turns Out I Don’t Have Time”

Not Many People Know This About Me

I’ve been thinking a lot about how most people don’t really know me. It’s so easy to assume people know what I think, what I believe, and what my intentions are because, well, I spend so much time in my head; I easily forget it’s not common knowledge! As I seek to inspire and encourageContinue reading “Not Many People Know This About Me”

Bare Face, Invisalign, and Pimples, OH MY!

Bare face. Pimples. Invisalign trays. Loving it all.  Self-love is one of the greatest gifts we can not only give ourselves, but our families, friends, colleagues, and community. When you love yourself, your capacity to love others grows exponentially; your self-love overflows onto everything and everyone.  It’s a battle that isn’t won just once orContinue reading “Bare Face, Invisalign, and Pimples, OH MY!”

I See Beauty in All Women!

Do you know what I hate seeing? I hate seeing women being ashamed and/or apologizing for their bodies. I know too many women who I seriously think are just stunning with KILLER bodies – curvy women, strong women, tall women – who don’t see what I see at all.  I compliment them (this is soContinue reading “I See Beauty in All Women!”

Choosing to Believe in You

“It doesn’t matter if your dreams make sense to other people; they are YOUR dreams!” –Rachel Hollis Y’all, I have such big dreams and have since I was really young. I imagined, all the time, what my life would look like if I got to have everything I wanted – to go to college, getContinue reading “Choosing to Believe in You”

Permission to Be Many Things at Once

Happy. ^^This is my happy face.^^ I can’t be the only one who struggles with this, so holla atcha guuuurl if you do too! -*my thought*- I try to define myself often… like literally every day. I try to assign labels to my personality and temperament so I can better understand who I am. AmContinue reading “Permission to Be Many Things at Once”