Permission to Be Many Things at Once

Happy. ^^This is my happy face.^^ I can’t be the only one who struggles with this, so holla atcha guuuurl if you do too! -*my thought*- I try to define myself often… like literally every day. I try to assign labels to my personality and temperament so I can better understand who I am. AmContinue reading “Permission to Be Many Things at Once”

Twisted Up and Tangled

I just wanted to feel God, close and personal – too real to deny or doubt. I’d been battling my mind so much for weeks. I’d been anxious and far more negative than normal. I’d been believing the whispers Satan tells me: that I won’t be successful, that I’m not anything special, that I can’tContinue reading “Twisted Up and Tangled”

Death Comes Before Resurrection

Truth time! I can feel that it’s time for change in my life, but all of my efforts are leading to dead ends. I feel like I’m flailing, and now I’m yearning for the comfort I had. Even though I want to move on, I’m clinging to what I’ve known. Why? We are often afraidContinue reading “Death Comes Before Resurrection”